I love to speak in public in scientific popularization contexts, introduce non-specialist people to complex topics in my field of study and expertise.

I am lucky enough to deal with really interesting topics and I am therefore happy when I can transfer to the community, in public or corporate contexts (such as conferences, seminars and master classes) what I have learned and observed so far in my field of research, with the aim of bringing people closer to the most controversial elements of these topics and create a more widespread awareness of the opportunities and risks of new information technologies in the work and society in which we live.

My past experiences in this field include (but are not limited to) Technological Spring (organized by Siemens in March 2017), Future Festival (organized by Altroconsumo in November 2017), Festival of Sciences (organized by the City of Suzzara in November 2018), Lincee Lessons, (organized by the Centro Linceo Interdisciplinare “Beniamino Segre” in December 2018), Milano Digital Week (organized by the City of Milan in March 2018 and 2019), Summer School of Health Motor (editions September 2017 and 2018), events “Connections” of Fastweb in 2019 and the Modena Smart Life 2019 (the updated list can be found in the “Timeline” section of the site).