In 2001 I graduated in Computer Engineering with an experimental thesis on Subsymbolic AI and Reactive Robotics (with my friend Bernardo Dal Seno, PhD) under the supervision of Prof. Marco Somalvico. However, I didn’t pursue my studies in that area.  Since 2004, when I started my PhD in Informatics, I have been focusing on the design, development and validation of interactive computational systems supporting human work and collaborative practices, especially in the Healthcare domain. Currently my main research interests regard Human-Computer Interaction in real-world decision making processes supported by advanced analytical tools with interactive visualization and AI recommendations or virtual assistants.

To date, I’ve written more than 120 scientific articles, encompassing journal articles, book chapters, proceedings papers and technical reports. You may find my publications listed on Scopus and Google Scholar and many full texts on ResearchGate. If you need a particular publication you can always drop me a line: I’d be glad to share and connect!